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Strelka Games

A small but ambitious italian indie studio, couldn't ask for a better place to start my career.

Hell Is Others

Strelka Games & Yonder

Game Designer

"Hell is Others" is an ambitious PVPVE 2D online multiplayer title.

Developed in Unity, the Game is a spin on the extraction shooter genre, with a noir pixel art aesthetic, RPG, management elements, and a great attention to world-building.

Available for PC on Steam and Epic games store.




Gameplay Design - Enemy Design - A.I. Design - UX Design - UI Design - Economy Design - Balancing - Documentation - Schematics - Copywriting

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Unannounced Project

Strelka Games &Yonder

Game Designer

Worked on a vertical slice for a survival adventure 3D shooter, with platform and RPG elements. Developed in Unreal Engine 5.


Gameplay Design - Enemy Design - A.I. Design - UX Design - UI Design - Documentation - Schematics - Copywriting -


Digital Bros Game Academy & partners.   

Here's a collection of the projects i worked on during my year at Digital bros game academy.

Project 4 - Timed Out

DBGA & Lunar Great Wall Studios

Lead Designer

Timed Out is  a vertical slice of a cyberpunk survival multiplayer online game, aka “the big one", is my biggest and complex project so far, here, I perfected my skills in creating complex game systems, created A.I. and learned the importance of a great polished UX.


Concept - Pitching - System design - Gameplay Design - UX design - Testing - Balancing - Documentation - Schematics - Supervision - Trailer  


Mattia Monticelli - Project Lead

Matteo Manca - Lead designer

Federico Maruccio - Game Designer

Piercarlo Rinaldi - Game designer

Simone Postal - Lead Programmer

Mario Lizzio - Programmer

Riccardo Brambilla - Programmer

Giacomo lauria - Programmer

Lorenzo Achilli - Lead 3d artist

Francesco alves - 3d artist

Aleh Kryvulia - 3d artist

Veronica Esposito - Lead Concept artist

Davide Freni - Concept artis

Documentation examples:

Project 3 - Steamboat Wheel

DBGA & WhattWapp entertrainment

Project Lead

A mobile Free to Play explorative game, with a 3D open world and a great focus on the game economy, here I learned how to manage a team, how to overcome technical constraints and design a game with his profitability in mind.


Concept - System design - Gameplay Design - UX Design - UI Design - Level Design - Testing - Balancing - Documentation - Schematics - Supervision - Trailer

Documentation examples


Matteo Manca - Project Lead

Guido Meo - lead Designer

Giona Tomassetti - Game Designer

Amedeo Cuttica - Lead Programmer

Filippo Tonietto -  Game Programmer

Luca Colaneri - Lead 3d Artist

Francesco Alves - 3d Artist

Francesco Giglio - Concept Artist

Project 2 - GameQueue


Game Designer

A Vaporwave 3d funny little arcade game, first work in team, here I perfected my soft skills, overcame team difficulties and learned to use versioning softwares.


Concept - System design - Gameplay Design - UI design - Level Design - Testing - Sound Design - Balancing - Documentation - Schematics 


Matteo Manca - Game Designer

Sebastiano Caradonna - Game Designer

Oren Moscovici - Game Designer

Paolo Romano - Game Programmer

Josef Peroni - Game Programmer

Daniele De Giglio - 3d Artist

Andre Hoxa - 3d Artist

Sara Rizzo - Concept Artist